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This privacy statement outlines our commitment to data privacy and compliance with GDPR.

Data received through our website

This website uses session cookies, but only to aid in form completion and to keep state within some navigational operations. They are set to expire when your browser session closes and do not retain any persistent information.

We do not use any other methods of identifying visitors over and above that which is available through the general logging functions of our web servers.

Our web servers do not store any personally identifiable information other than the apparent IP address of the visitor, the useragent string (browser identifier) and the url content that was served.

The web server logs are used only for statistical purposes and to help us maintain and secure our website content.

Forms on this website that require specific personal details do so to provide us only enough information to successfully respond to the particular contact request or to help us to tailor any required reponse in the most appropriate manner.

We do not provide, sell or otherwise make available to third parties any information given to us through any of our online contact, registration or download forms.

Access to personal information

To make a request to us for any personal information we may hold, you need to provide a Subject Access Request in writing addressing it to our , or writing to them at our headquarters address provided on our Contact page.

As an aid to fulfilling your request as efficiently as possible, you may find our data subject access request form useful.

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