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Product : SparkLED


Mini LED emergency conversion kit comprising of a small LED head only 12mm overall diameter. The head incorporates the charge indicator and white high power LED. The unit comes with a remote inverter and separate battery pack. The SparkLED is ideal for mounting inside a large range of our fittings. Available with autotest or DALI addressable operation.


Ultra compact
bezel diameter of only 12mm
0.9W high power LED giving 80llm
Integral bi-colour satus indicator
DALI addressable version available
Self testing features to IEC 62034 as standard
LED head incorporates integral strain relief
Ambient temperature of 0° to 45°
All version supplied as non-maintained
Audible alarm on DALI version

Materials and Finishes

LED HeadMoulded Plastic
Driver HousingMoulded Plastic

Technical Details

GearNon-maintained Emergency with Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack
Light Source

Photometric Data

inc 50 0 180 90 270


Effective Output80 lm

Self Test Operation

The self testing version of the emergency LED kit functions in accordance with IEC 62034. This includes a commission period, 30 second functional test monthly and full duration test annually.

LED Status Indication
LED Green with 10 second BlinkNormal standby mode, mains connected, charging, battery and power LED satisfactory.
LED Green Slow FlashCommissioning mode or duration test in progress.
LED Green Fast FlashFunctional test in progress
LED OffMains not connected
LED Red Slow FlashBattery or charging system fault
LED Red Fast FlashDefective power LED

Spacing Data

Spacing Data for LED Conversion Kit

Level1 lux centre line0.5 lux minimum
Mounting Height2.5m4.0m2.5m4.0m
Trans to Wall2.592.223.003.30
Trans to Trans6.887.436.307.50
Axial to Trans6.887.436.307.50
Axial to Axial6.887.436.307.50
Axial to Wall2.592.223.003.30
Trans to Wall
Trans to Trans
Axial to Trans
Axial to Axial
Axial to Wall

Product Dimensions

SparkLED Dimensional Diagram


Options and Variations

Order CodeDescriptionLight SourceNom. Power (W)Nom. Weight (kg)
SPKELNMSparkLED80llm LED0.90.24

Advanced Emergency Option

Integral 3hr Non-Maintained Addressable Emergency via DALI Emergency System

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