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Mila-Jigsaw Design

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The Mila-Jigsaw Design is a range of direct/indirect luminaires which offers unlimited freedom of layout. Using a unique magnetic coupling system, the Mila-Jigsaw Design is simple to install and allows many alternatives to the shape and style of the system. The body is made from an extruded aluminium profile and is available in black, silver or white. With surface mounting and dimming options available, the Mila-Jigsaw Design is an ideal luminaire for design studios, lobby areas, meeting rooms and board rooms.


Utilises the latest in high efficiency LED technology
Unlimited freedom of design
Unique magnetic coupling system
Direct / indirect illumination
Extruded aluminium body
Can be surface mounted with optional surface mounting kit
Different output options
Dimming versions available
Direct illumination available on request
Available in black, silver and white paint finishes
Designed by Rob Van Beek

Photometric Data

inc 50 0 180 90 270

Mila-Jigsaw Design Direct

Effective Output4320 lm
inc 50 0 180 90 270

Mila-Jigsaw Design Direct-Indirect

Effective Output5272 lm

Product Dimensions

Mila-Jigsaw Design Dimensional Diagram

Mila-Jigsaw Design104044570

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Download our Design Template to aid in creating your layout.

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Installations Gallery

The Mila-Jigsaw Design has been used to great effect on the following highlighted projects.

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