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The Vadra R LED is an extremely subtle range of recessed LED luminaires. Manufactured from an extruded aluminium profile with mitred corners and overlapping bezel. Available with micro prismatic, opal or dropped opal diffuser. Vadra R LED is designed to be recessed into false ceilings or walls and is supported using the variable fixing brackets provided.


Utilises the latest high efficiency LED technology
Compact and low profile cross section (70mm x 100mm)
Multitude of single length versions from 609mm up to 3m long available
Can be wall or ceiling recess mounted and is fixed using the variable support brackets (supplied as standard with luminaire)
Available with micro prismatic, opal or dropped opal diffuser
Choice of Matt White RAL 9003, Matt Black RAL 9005, Silver RAL 9006 paint finishes or natural anodised aluminium finish
High and low lumen output options per length
Surface versions available. See Vadra LED
DALI dimmable versions available
Choice of 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures
Continuous run versions available on request
Plaster-in versions available on request

Materials and Finishes

BodyAluminium Extrusion
ControllerTP(a) Polycarbonate
FinishMatt White RAL 9003, Matt Black RAL 9005, Silver RAL 9006 or Natural Anodised Aluminium

Technical Details

GearIntegral Electronic LED Driver
Light Source

The output of LEDs is constantly improving therefore the type of LED in this product may change slightly to reflect the optimum performance offered by LED technology.

Product Dimensions

Vadra R LED Dimensional Diagram


Options and Variations

Order CodeDescriptionLight SourceNom. Power (W)Nom. Weight (kg)
VARLED03Vadra R LED High Output2680lm 4000K LED221.6
VARLED04Vadra R LED High Output4030lm 4000K LED342.0
VARLED05Vadra R LED High Output5370lm 4000K LED392.2
VARLED06Vadra R LED High Output7100lm 4000K LED522.8
VARLED07Vadra R LED High Output8060lm 4000K LED583.3
VARLED08Vadra R LED High Output10750lm 4000K LED793.9
VARLED09Vadra R LED High Output13440lm 4000K LED1005.3
VARLED13Vadra R LED Low Output1340lm 4000K LED101.6
VARLED14Vadra R LED Low Output1970lm 4000K LED182.0
VARLED15Vadra R LED Low Output2680lm 4000K LED212.2
VARLED16Vadra R LED Low Output3550lm 4000K LED292.8
VARLED17Vadra R LED Low Output4030lm 4000K LED323.3
VARLED18Vadra R LED Low Output5530lm 4000K LED363.9
VARLED19Vadra R LED Low Output7300lm 4000K LED495.3
VARLED0330Vadra R LED High Output2680lm 3000K LED221.6
VARLED0430Vadra R LED High Output4030lm 3000K LED342.0
VARLED0530Vadra R LED High Output5370lm 3000K LED392.2
VARLED0630Vadra R LED High Output7100lm 3000K LED522.8
VARLED0730Vadra R LED High Output8060lm 3000K LED583.3
VARLED0830Vadra R LED High Output10750lm 3000K LED793.9
VARLED0930Vadra R LED High Output13440lm 3000K LED1005.3
VARLED1330Vadra R LED Low Output1340lm 3000K LED101.6
VARLED1430Vadra R LED Low Output1970lm 3000K LED182.0
VARLED1530Vadra R LED Low Output2680lm 3000K LED212.2
VARLED1630Vadra R LED Low Output3550lm 3000K LED292.8
VARLED1730Vadra R LED Low Output4030lm 3000K LED323.3
VARLED1830Vadra R LED Low Output5530lm 3000K LED363.9
VARLED1930Vadra R LED Low Output7300lm 3000K LED495.3

Dimming Option

Touch Dim / Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI)

Suffix Diffuser

Micro Prismatic Diffuser
Polycarbonate Opal Diffuser
Polycarbonate Dropped Opal Diffuser

Suffix Finish

Natural Anodised Aluminium Finish
Matt Black RAL 9005 Paint Finish
Silver RAL 9006 Paint Finish
White RAL 9003 Paint Finish


Push to Make Switch for use with Touch Dim or Switch Dim gear

Order Code Builder

Use the options below to construct and refine your required luminaire code and desired specification. Items marked * are required on all variations.

Installations Gallery

The Vadra R LED has been used to great effect on the following highlighted projects.


874/2012 This luminairecontains built-inLED lamps. The lamps cannot be changedin the luminaire. A ++ A + A B C D E LED Vadra R LED

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