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Gem 3

Product : Gem 3


The Gem 3 is a specialised dual function recessed luminaire dedicated for over bed lighting in intensive care units. The Gem 3 incorporates design features which simplify installation and maintenance.


Offers two distinct light levels from one luminaire. Thus exceeding CIBSE recommendations for bedded areas and examinations
Designed to comply with clean room standards with a clear polycarbonate framed diffuser held by wishbone springs to facilitate cleaning
Removable frame with the use of a suction cup
High performance Miro 4 louvred reflector
Incorporates a general circuit and a crash circuit
General circuit – 2 centrally positioned 40W PLL lamps will exceed the 400 lux required for general over bed lighting, dimmable via 1-10V controller
Crash circuit – Instantly switches the 2 outer positioned 55W PLL lamps and the general circuit to full output exceeding the 1000 lux required for examination lighting. Crash level can be maintained indefinitely
Supplied with side arm fixing brackets as standard to facilitate fixing into plasterboard or exposed 'T' ceilings
IP54 Rated
Emergency versions available
4000K lamps recommended for hospital use

Materials and Finishes

BodyZintec Steel
ControllerMiro 4 louvred reflector and clear TP(a) polycarbonate diffuser

Technical Details

GearHigh Frequency / High Frequency Dimmable
Light Source

Photometric Data

inc 50 0 180 90 270


inc 50 0 180 90 270



Product Dimensions

Gem 3 Dimensional Diagram

L1/W1 R1 L/W R
Gem 3598598135524570128

Design Location

Gem 3 Illumination

CIBSE recommended illuminance levels for bedded area lighting is 400 / 1000 lux.

For optimum performance the Gem 3 is designed to be located centrally to the bed position and with the lamps parallel to the width of the bed. The design is based on the bed being 0.9m from the floor and with a ceiling height of 2.7m

Options and Variations

Order CodeDescriptionLight SourceNom. Weight (kg)
GEM3DGem 32x40W PLL HFD + 2x55W PLL HF9.5

Emergency Option

Integral 3hr maintained emergency with remote cells

Miscellaneous Accessories

Dimming Controller (required as standard)
All Gem 3 luminaires are supplied excluding lamps.

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Miscellaneous Accessories



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